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Endorsed by Proud Parents

What Makes a Great Hitter?

Most hitters never reach their potential. Great hitting takes two things: diligent practice and superb instruction.

Practice  turns theory into technique, technique into habit, and habit into reaction. But practicing the wrong way is worse than not practicing at all. Practicing the wrong way inhibits the body's natural reactions.

Instruction is the passing on of knowledge. When looking for hitting instruction ask yourself two questions: Has the coach played with the best? Does he teach a hitting system, or just series of tips? If he hasn’t succeeded at the highest level of play, he probably hasn’t mastered the highest level of skills. If your coaching material doesn’t teach a system, your instruction will be incomplete.

Hi, I'm Dave Hudgens. I've spent the last 20 years as a pro hitting coach with the Astros, A's, and Indians.

My Hitting For Excellence program has helped over 10,000 youth players maximize their potential, and it can help you too.



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